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ScotchBlue - bring your creative vision to life


ScotchBlue for Painting with more than 2 colours! A great way to bring personality and a fun sense of energy to your space is by using more than two colours. Add dimension to a single accent wall or character to...

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ScotchBlue Tape - Get creative with your design


ScotchBlue to Tape as a Pattern. You don’t have to have a pattern, because our tape can be the pattern. Follow the simple steps below to create eye-catching designs, zigzags and angled shapes on walls, doors, furniture and other spaces....

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ScotchBlue for Taping Shapes!


Here’s a way to personalize your space and have fun experimenting. Paint shapes on different surfaces around your home, to add visual interest or to make a room feel up to date without changing your style. Step by step Prepare...

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